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The Sudanese Coalition in Switzerland

Organization goals

Inform the local and international community of the ongoing Sudanese revolution and its goals. The mobilization and thus support of the non-violent, peaceful and unarmed Sudanese revolution. The support is provided financially and morally. We reject all forms of violence. This support from the revolutionaries in Sudan continues until a secure, pluralistic democratic system is established in Sudan. Other forms of support, such as material aid, care for wounded protesters, treatment and rehabilitation of rape victims, support for families of martyrs are also carried out. Consolidating cohesion and social relationships among Sudanese in Switzerland. The monitoring and documentation of any human rights violations and subsequent forwarding to local and international human rights organizations. Organizing and holding peaceful demonstrations in Switzerland and other EU countries. Organize seminars, workshops and dialogues to explain the goals of the peaceful revolution. Maintaining the Sudanese presence in local and international media.


Projects' states

Our goal is to do water projects in cities and villages as a charitable work that provides people with access to clean, safe and reliable water and sanitation solutions throughout Sudan...

Humanitarian support

with your small step to wards other you can make the life easier to them..

Call for help

SCS currently supports the Ministry of Health and the ongoing efforts to provide the health needs of affected people and the damage to health facilities during the past period...

Dialogue of the week

Dialogue is absolutely necessary to root out the causes that lead to violence. Serious dialogue, that tries to truly understand the legitimate needs of the other person and to meet those needs .... SCS ZOOM

SCS activities & News

Our Activities are not limited to seasonal events but also organizes activities such as colorful in social and cultural conferences and seminars and pivotal and interactive discussions...


with your small step to wards other you can make the life easier to them..