SCS sent a denunciation statement to the High Commissioner for Human Rights

After the recent events in Darfur, from resolving the sit-ins by force, burning and looting without government interference to stop the aggression against defenseless citizens, it was necessary for us, as a Sudanese group abroad, to stand with our people and support their cause and voice to demand the simplest rights to achieve security and a decent life
On that, the Sudanese Caucus wrote a letter to the sovereign council, which was delivered by hand through the UN mission in Geneva.
A denunciation statement was sent to the High Commissioner for Human Rights.
They will be sent down to the honorable membership to view them.
The gathering will be supportive of every just cause of our people in Sudan in various regions in which we only take into account our human conscience and deliver the voice of those who have no voice and we will continue to support all just humanitarian issues that are our message.