Hand on hand to cover the medical expenses

  • Omar Tayeb Al Qurashi suffers since a long time injory on his head, as he was on the verge of death and deserving of martyrdom, The first operation was performed for Omar Al-Tayeb and found a piece of plastic inside the brain tissue, which caused damage and swelling in the brain, which led to serious damage, obstruction in movement and speech failure.
    Due to the deterioration of the economic situation and the weak capabilities and coverage of the medical expenses for him, we made this initiative to help all the wounded and injured in the December 2018 revolution because of their sacrifice of their lives and their blood, starting with the centers Omar Al Tayyib

   Omar Tayeb Al Qurashi
    Date of injury: April 4 2019
    Place of injury: A demonstration in the area of Jabra at noon
    How to injure: Directly hit a tear gas package on the head at close range
    Housing: – Guardian – Halawani

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