Urgent Appeal to High Commissioner for Human Rights

Sudanese Coalition in Switzerland
Ms. Michelle Bachetet Jeria
High Commissioner for Human Rights
Patais Wilson
52 rue des Paquis
1201 Geneva
20th July, 2020
Urgent Appeal
The aurrent human rights situation in Sudan in the cities of Nertiti and Fata Borno, North Darfur
Madam High Commissioner,
The Sudanese Coalition in Switzerland presents its compliments to Your Excellency and Your august
Office and would like to submit herewith an urgent appeal following the brutal attacks and the serious
and gross violations of human rights at Nertiti and Fata Borno in North Darfur as weil as the earlier
killings in the city of £1 Geneina. We hereby urge Your Excellency, your Office and the international
community to take immediate action to stop this and further atrocities perpetrated against the peoples
of Darfur.
The people of Darfur have endured decades of deadly viclence and systematic sexual violence against
girls and women at the hands of the armed government forces as well as affiliated and allied militias.
The genocide of 2003 marked the hight of depravity and terror against the people of Darfur, with more
‘than 300,000 killed and more than 3 million internally displaced or forced to flee Sudan.
After the ouster of the 30-year dictatorship, government forces and affiliated armed militias continue to
subject civilians in Darfur to deliberate violence and unprovoked attacks, causing death, injury, damage
to property and disruption of livelihoods. Authonties have also restricted the basic freedoms and rights
of civil society and detained activists. Government forces and affiliated entities, continue to use
excessive force against civilians.
At the beginning of Juty 2020 peaceful sit-ins and protests were organised in several cities in Darfur to
demand action for the deplorable security situation in Darfur and the subsequent threat of livelihoods.
The protests in the cities of Nertiti and Fata Borno, demanding better security, protection of livestock
and craps and the dismissal of the officials affiliated with the former dictatorship were met with violence
resuiting in the killing of fourteen protesters and injuries to numerous others.
Sudan is currently striving to transition into democracy and the rule of law. However, the changes taking
place in Sudan have brought the Sudanese citizens in Darfur, particularty the most vulnerable, neither
Peace nor respite from violence nor protection by the authorities, and continue to be targeted and
systematically victimised through the systematic sexual violence against girts and women, repression,
harassment, intimidation and killing as originally practiced by the ousted regime.

In light of this critical and tragic situation and due to the urgency and need of the vulnerable displaced
Population being targeted, we urgently cafl upon Your Excellency, Your Office and the
international community:

  • to take urgent action and bear pressure on the Sudanese authorities to put an end to the gross
    human nghts victations in Darfur and to repeal the repressive National Security Act of 2010;
  • to take immediate action and bear pressure on the interim government to ensure effective
    protection of civilians;
  • to condemn the constant restrictions impased on the media, on purists and political opponents,
    on freedom of association and peaceful assembly, and to condemn the systematic use of sexual
    violence against girls and women, torture and detention;
  • to assist the United Nations, its organs and other International Organizations to launch an
    impartial international investigation of the aforementioned gross human rights victations and to
    ensure that the perpetrators and thase responsible are brought to justice.

We also appeal for support in the formulation and adoption of a strong and practical resolution for Sudan
under Article 4 of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The resolution should authorize a special
fapporteur to monitor and prepare reports on ongoing human rights violations; make specific
recommendations to the Sudanese government in concrete ways to end those violations and urge the
government of Sudan to publicly implement the recommendations made by the United Nations Human

Rights Council to Sudan during its universal periodic review.
‘We hope for your action to hold the interim government, the Sovereignty Council of Sudan and its
organs, accountabie to its obligation to respect and protect the rights, dignity, and well-being of all of its citizens.


Randa El-Gundi, President of the Sudanese Coalition in Switzerland

Tel: 441763822852