In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Sudanese coalition in the state of the Swiss Confederation
Membership group roles for Sudanese

Article One
Name and commencement of work. This document is called the grouping guidelines for Sudanese in the Swiss Confederation and operates from the date of its approval.
Article Two
The phrases and words shall have the meanings shown in front of each of them unless the context requires with us another
The constitution, the constitution of the Sudanese grouping in the state of the Swiss Confederation
The groups, membership groups for Sudanese in the Swiss Confederation state
The committee, the executive committee of the Sudanese Caucus, in the Swiss Confederation
Membership, constituent congress members, who will later join the assembly
The administration, or the person or persons assigned by the committee to manage the groups
Founding Conference. Meaning of the Berne Conference held on June 30, 2019
Article Three
That the groups be a link between the committee and the membership
To be a parliament to exchange views and positive recommendations
To be a media broker
Article Four
Membership conditions
Membership is open to all members of a group, who will later join the group
Article Five
General Provisions
No member may use another member’s data to use it in private communication
It is not permissible to transfer to this group any material that is not related to the objectives of the assembly
It is not permissible to address any events or news that are not related to the goals of the gathering in this group
The administration may delete any material unrelated to the goals of the group
Members who have been added to groups in numbers must type their names
A member may not withdraw from the group and return more than 3 times
Views, inquiries and responses to them must be exchanged with respect and sportsmanship
It is prohibited to use any words that injure or offend people or any entities in this group
Any member who violates the above-mentioned controls is warned the first time and is canceled in case of return
No text in these regulations may be interpreted in contravention of the assembly’s constitution
These controls were approved by the Executive Committee on Sunday 25 August 2019